rAmieLE FeveR


ok ok…here we go…the solo performances of the top 12 female contestants of american idol was aired today…and our pinoy pride ramiele sang “you don’t have to say you love me” while singing i can’t help but pray na sana wag pumalya and once again she did it….simon cowell even said “you outstand everyone else tonight” whoooaaa ain’t that somethin’?

and if you miss the show or if you wanna listen to her song you can check it here:Ramiele Sings

please right click and save target as


~ by blindolf on February 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “rAmieLE FeveR”

  1. hmmm… didn’t realize you had a blog. You are having American Idol fever dude haha. I’m glad you liked Josiah’s “To Run” :p

    and oh yeah, Ramiele is my future wife… I’m going to marry her in the next few years… I’m going to sweep her off her feet and we’re going to have a whirlwind romance and live happily ever after. bow. lol.

  2. yeah, ive had this blogsite for quite sometime now, im not able to update it as much as i want to though, most of the times i got nothing in mind but food and sleep lolz.
    hope things are well with you bergy 🙂 keep in touch, and hey i dont have your phone number i lost a couple of phones since i last texted you…maybe you can drop me a message on ym or frndstr.

    stay cool gilby

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