how is it to never give-up on someone? how is it to never let go? how is it to fight for a love so true?

someone once said that rarely we could find someone who will love us so purely and intensely…therefore once we feel we found that someone, we should never let go…

i know that love could sometimes be painful…sometimes could be devastating that you’d wish you would just sleep and never wake up…but no…there is always a hope for a better tomorrow…there is always a little bit of hope out there for everyone…even for the sickest person in this world, there is still a little bit of hope…

this may sound silly but i still believe that love creates miracles…it can always bring smile to a weeping soul…it can always bring sunshine to someone locked in the darkness of sorrow…

so go ahead…fall in love and never get tired…until everything is over…until you close your eyes for the last time…photo-0205.jpg


~ by blindolf on April 6, 2007.

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