its friday…

another week has passed…and summer is just starting to heat up…and its getting humid everyday, summer here in manila is something i really hate…potah ang hirap matulog…

anyways, im kinda excited come saturday night because im gonna see my old friends from college after 7 years we’re gonna be together again, at least for one night and i promise myself i will not be very drunk this time huh!

it’s my friend aimee’s  ===>> ae10scd.jpgbirthday and it’s been like a tradition for us to really get wasted and besides we havent done it since she got a new boyfriend lolz!

sometimes i get jealous cuz most of my friends seem to be happy with the relationships they have now (lozahhh)…i dunno why i cant seem to make a relationship last…tsk…sometimes i really think the problem is me…i guess its my jealousy that becomes a poison or maybe its because i get bored…syet ambot ngano uy!!!

you see there are lots of occurences in a persons life that would make him think more than twice before getting involved into something…and i am not an exception…after the bad things that happened, i promised myself that certain things will never happen again no matter what…and i think so far i am successful, its like i was able to built a wall around me, the wall kept getting stronger and higher to a point that no one can get through anymore…its so bad that i feel trust is something so hard for me to give….

but i know someday soon these walls would fall…my prayers and my faith is keeping me afloat…my journey goes on…


~ by blindolf on March 16, 2007.

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