dang!!!! its 10pm on a dead saturday night…

am i supposed to be online at this time? ahhh what a loser…well, at least im not alone, dalawa kami ng buddy kong loser din wehehehehehehe…

aside from the fact that i am currently broke (gives me no choice but to stay put) i guess i wanna do something different…going out every weekend and getting drunk could sometimes be exhausting…pag tumambay ako sa comedy bar eh alam ko na yata lahat ng jokes ng mga bading kay nga di na ako natatawa..kj no? makipaglaklakan man ako tumba na lahat ng kainuman ko eh alive na alive pa ako…pano kaya…

i dunno why i get this feeling of doing something dif’rent, something worthwhile…maybe id join a non-profit org and help the mahihirap…wahhhh!!!!

as i mentioned on my recent post, tumpak ang hinala ko, its really a boring weekend…worst of all, i only have 4 hours of sleep…ah there were this jerks near our place na walang magawa sa mga buhay kundi mg-videoke, eh sintunado naman ang mga gagu…

come monday sasahod na…i consider it wise not t0 get my salary in time for the weekend baka kasi the following week…nakatunganga na ako…


~ by blindolf on March 10, 2007.

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