this wicked city

photo-022.jpg         bangagpipolsilip…

after 15 years of staying in the queen city of the south, my destiny brought me here in manila…i remember my ex told me before that this is the last place i shoul be because this place is so wicked…and i honestly never ever thought i’d live in this city… but well, im here now and it’s almost two years, so i’m just trying to enjoy my “stint” here…

indeed, this place is wicked…in a sense that i have done lots of things which i don’t think i would have done back home…but it’s not bad at all, in fact it’s all good.. syet andaling kausap ng mga tao dito…

i finally made some good friends, met nice people and lots of interesting ones…ibang level ikanga…

anyways, as i am starting this blog i’ll do my best not to make this boring (the fact that i’m having a boring start) start pa lang to marami pang mangyayaring kakaiba…

and yeah that pic is me, after long hours of drinking and taking that pill that would knock me out, yung tipong kahit gahasain di magigising…bangag


~ by blindolf on March 7, 2007.

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